“Revolutionary Theory : A Reading Group” starting in Oakland, California

The Bay Area Public School in Oakland, California is running a reading group that will work through the Communist Interventions, Volume I reader.  From the reading group’s Facebook page:

In this group, we will work through the history of revolutionary theory in the twentieth century, focusing on the history of European socialism and communism (in future groups, we may look at anarchism, feminism, anti-colonialism and anti-racism, and so on). We will use a reader, which has been designed for this reading group by the Communist Research Cluster. Readings are 50-60 pages per session, split between primary sources and chapters from a history book. This group will hopefully allow us to think more deeply about some of the big questions of social change—how it happens, and towards what end—which have been raised by recent struggles here and globally. A simultaneous reading group will take place in NYC, using the same material. This group offers participants a chance to read texts with members of the Endnotes collective.

The first meeting will be on Thursday, February 27th, 2014 at 7:00pm at 2141 Broadway, Oakland CA.


One thought on ““Revolutionary Theory : A Reading Group” starting in Oakland, California

  1. Hey there,

    About five people and myself have been running through this since about February. We meet weekly. We’re wobblies, anarchists, leftcoms. We all do share an affinity for Bordiga jokes. We’re in Tampa, Fl and I just wanted to share that we’re also going through it!


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