Reading Group on Revolutionary Feminism in South Carolina

Conveners of the Revolutionary Feminism reading group for South Carolina are excited to share their plans.

The South Carolina group is planning to meet weekly, beginning in the second week of September. They will alternate meetings between Clemson and Greenville. In Clemson, the group will meet at Nick’s Tavern; in Greenville, at The Community Tap on Wade Hampton Blvd. The day and time are still to be determined.

The groups is being planned by Walt Hunter (, 610-220-9142) and Lindsay Turner (, 423-914-2563). Anyone interested in joining is welcome to contact either of them.

More reading groups will be sharing their plans for their fall groups as they sort them out. As well as South Carolina, groups that are currently either confirmed or proposed are Amsterdam, Ottawa Canada, Newfoundland Canada, New York City (possibly three groups), Philadelphia PA, Durham NC, Richmond VA, Kansas City KS, Oakland CA, San Francisco CA, Davis CA, and San Jose/South Bay CA.

If you are organizing a reading group in your area, send us the details!


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