Current Revolutionary Feminism Reading Groups

Many people are incorporating the Revolutionary Feminism reader into their studies and discussions.  We post here the current list of cities with a group that have chosen to use the Revolutionary Feminism reader in some way.

These groups are independent of the Communist Research Cluster (CRC), and may vary considerably in how they choose to function. Participating or convening a reading group is not a form of affiliating with or joining the CRC. Groups are welcome to use the reader however is helpful for their own study and work.

Write us if you want to join one of these groups, and we will pass your information. In some cases, groups may choose to be closed. We will include further details and updates as groups choose to share it.

We highlighted and linked the city names where other information is available.

Cities that have confirmed they are definitely meeting:

  1. Oakland, California
  2. San Francisco, California
  3. Santa Cruz, California (Organized by The Public School: Santa Cruz)
  4. Davis, California
  5. Los Angeles, California
  6. Corvallis, Oregon
  7. Bloomington, Indiana
  8. Athens, Ohio
  9. New York City, New York
  10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  11. Baltimore, Maryland
  12. Richmond, Virginia
  13. Durham, North Carolina
  14. Clemson and Greenville, South Carolina
  15. Ottawa, Canada
  16. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  17. London, UK
  18. Leipzig, Germany
  19. Vienna, Austria
  20. Delhi, New York

If you have any information for us to update or change about any of these groups, send it our way. Check back for updates. Most groups started meeting during September 2015.


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